Monday, November 30, 2015

Patrick Lynch:Journal 11

Percy Brigham's profile was pretty interesting to read since it was about an old form of fishing being lost because of government buying out the land near the river. While reading Percy's profile I found the second image to be really hopefully in showing what scaffold fishing was like. The importance of the picture is it helps the reader get a better image of what is being talked about in the profile. One observation I noticed in the Percy profile that was similar to Lydia's was that they both wouldn't let money affect what they like doing. In the Percy profile he refused to take the three thousand dollar bride to move away from the water at Celilo. Lydia who was a country doctor didn't let people convince her to raise the price for her service because she believe that being a doctor was about the work you do for people not the money you bring in. This is important because it connects the profiles together to share a common theme. My last observation is that Percy's profile is composed mostly in third person and switches to first person to give first hand images of what Percy went through. This is important because it gives more information to the reader while highlighting the important stuff in the first person point of view.

A connection that I made in Percy's profile was that Percy passed on his tradition of fishing. Percy passed it on to his children and know they own boats as well. This reminded me of when my dad taught me how to fish and asked me to help him every once in awhile with raising fish.

A question that I had about Percy's profile were about what made platform fishing special to him? I wanted to know this because it would give a better sense of how much it meant to him.

The research I looked up was how much impact do dams have on ecosystems. Dams affect the ecosystem by disturbing spawning habits of fish which in turn means certain fish start to die off or migrate to a new area. One of big impacts on the ecosystem is it raise water levels and causes certain sediments that carrier nutrients to help grow the ecosystem to dam up and not reach the areas beyond the dam. Causing that ecosystem to die out over time

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  1. I bet if the government would of asked the fisherman if they would sell the rights of the land for money the fisherman would of said no in a heartbeat. I like how you compared the two profiles with sharing a theme between the two. I would say platform fishing is important to Percy because this type of fishing has been pasted down each generation.


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