Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Journal 11 By Jami Riegel

                My first profile is on Mariano and Clara Lucca. They both are Curators of The Christopher Columbus and Queen Isabel Museum in Buffalo, New York. 
                The photo they used for this book looks very creepy. To me, at first glance it looks like the story is going to be about the paranormal. They should have had better lighting or maybe had one done on the deck also. They are both VERY passionate about Christopher Columbus and Queen Isabela but I think that Mariano is the one who likes to talk more than Clara when they are asked questions because he would with no hesitation have an answer right then and Clara would not have a chance to speak. The Smithsonian Institute actually wanted to buy a lot of their memorabilia. Even offered them $50,000 for the ship but Mariano turned it down. They have more in their Museum than the Smithsonian has in their collection. 
                When Mariano was asked about how Columbus is perceived today Mariano goes on and says that now they say "Columbus was a stinker." I says, " You have a constitutional right to say what you want, but I got a constitutional right to tell you when the hell your wrong!"
                We can connect Christopher Columbus today by knowing that even though we were taught in school he was the first person to come to America, we know today he was not.
                Some research I found is that Mariano he ran for congress in the 50's and 60's and then founded the National Columbus Day committee in 1966 and began lobbying congress to declare a holiday for Christopher Columbus. Two years later it passed and started in October 1971.

                My second profile is on Dugout Dick Zimmerman. The owner of The Dugout Ranch. He puts together these little rooms made from anything left over in the junk yard. He started out like a hermit wanting to be alone but soon after he made these little huts he found himself a tourist attraction. The photos are great I think. They capture the essence of who he is, a loner, creative, and sweet old man.
                 I would have loved to stay in them for a night but after his death in 2010 the city took control of the property and after taking his belongings out of them they filled each cave with dirt because they said it was unsafe. Makes me sad to think everything he worked on and lived in for years was all destroyed in a matter of days. 


  1. You research on Mariano is pretty informative. I didn't know he was in congress or that he founded the National Columbus Day committee. Your description of the picture for the profile was pretty funny as well.

  2. I agree with the photo Isay used for their profile. It does seem like it will be about the paranormal. It's really intriguing at how wrapped up they are about Christopher Columbus and to think he knew more about him than the history books at the age of 19 is something else.

  3. I also agree with the photo, it looks very creepy and odd. And I thought that it was very interesting that the Smithsonian wanted to buy their memorabilia and offered them 50,000 dollars and they turned it down. Christopher Columbus must mean a lot to them.

  4. very good information that you used. the desciption of the photo you did made me laugh and i enjoyed it good work


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