Monday, November 30, 2015

Journal 11 - Skyler Buschman

1.) Three things that I noticed about the profiles I read were, the author tries to depict almost the hopelessness, or dead end roads that some of these people are at with their lives, careers or occupations. Zimmerman makes a living off of scavenging precious metals and Marion Walker maintains a general store in a very small town at the dead end of a highway. The second picture on Zimmermans profile, to me, explains perfectly why someone would choose the life that he does. It's beautiful, secluded and peaceful. That in itself makes the experience worth it I would think. Lastly, the uniqueness of each of these people and their lives is most important. Each is described as being passionate or holding onto something that seems like a thing of the past and tries to show how important these things are/used to be to people.
2.) Maintaining your dreams and having passions is something that everyone should take from this book. All of these people, for better or worse, have amazing stories to tell about what they've done and what they love doing. Everyone should be able to live their life doing what they love or being in pursuit of happiness.
3.)  How did David & Harvey (Authors) find all these people? How did they choose the people they were going to profile?
A picture of the city of Salmon, Idaho. In the background are the mountains Zimmerman lives in.
Population: 3000 in 2010


  1. I agree with you completely about following your dreams and being able to live your life how you want so that you are happy

  2. I think that I would enjoy a little get away to one of his caves. I think that it is awesome what he does, making things out of what he has available. He sounds like a man who doesn't have much but makes that most out of every situation.


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