Monday, November 30, 2015

Journal 11: Sydney Alspach

The profile that I chose to write about was Mike Gashwazra, a religious reader. Mike is eighty-eight years old, is the oldest man to live in the oldest continent in the oldest town; he lives in Hopi of Oraibi in North America. Reading this profile I noticed that Mike and the other villagers are very proud and honorable to their beliefs. One of their biggest beliefs is to keep fighting to keep running water and electricity out of their village. The reason they do not want those things in their town is because of the way that they farm but also they fear that the electricity will take away the warm sun and that the sun might not provide them with anymore heat. The last thing that I observed was that they white men "bahanna." As Americans I realized why we would Mike and his people to change but after reading his profile I noticed that is their way of life and we shouldn't try to change they way that they live or what they believe in. I observed Mikes photo from his profile and saw that he has arm around the wood, kind of like holding on to it. I felt like the picture symbolized his love for nature, his religion, and also himself very well. The other profile I wanted to write about was Matt Kennedy. I noticed that he still loves his job at this age and it is just they way he is.

Matt Kennedy and Mike Gashwazra have to great profiles that can really make us think more as an American but in a different perspective. In Mike's profile his greatest fear is that electricity will take over his village and they will not be able to live the way of life that they all believe in. In today's society we could not go without electricity! We use electricity for just about everything in our day to day life. When I see younger children playing with Iphones, Ipads, tablets, anything electronic it makes see a much bigger picture. As I child all I ever did was use my imagination to play outside or around my house. I never had a greater technology to take that away from me. I understand why Mike doesn't want electricity to come in his town because it really has taken over the world. Most people could not live without it. I think it would be a challenge for us Americans to try to live without electricity, technology, cellphone, or anything that is technical. We as Americans may see the bigger picture and realize how much more their is to the world than electricity

My biggest question is why aren't more people supporting what they believe in rather than bringing them down? If something major were to happen with electricity they would know how to survive and teach us how too but if we keep putting them down they aren't going to want to teach us when we will need it the most. One of the main themes both of these profiles have are self-motivation. They both believe in so much more and don't let people try to dictate their life. I believe that us as readers should learn from that.


  1. I think that self motivation is a perfect theme for these profiles and the question you asked was a very good one I was thinking the same thing myself. I know if someone was putting me down about something I knew a lot about I wouldn't help them with anything to do with that subject.

  2. You make a really good point when you talk about kids imagination. I completely agree with you that kids imaginations today are suppressed due to technology. I would like to go and talk to this man and just get some insight from him, it sounds like a nice vacation from our world today.


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