Monday, November 30, 2015

Stanley Kilarr Journal 11 mohammed

   1.)    When looking at the photo we see a man in his bedroom being surrounded by his collection of his records. U can see his fascination with them because it looks like he is still talking about them while his picture is being taken. I can see in this profile that it is more of quotes from Kilarr than the author’s words. When I read I saw that Kilarr's attitude toward things are very chill. He loves his records but when the earthquake happened and several of them got knocked over and piled up he just said “That’s the way life is”.

   2.)    A lot of people now still hold dearly to their collections whether its books, action figures, magazines, etc. Kilarr is just holding on to his love for his collection of records like any other person would do for their priceless collection. We can learn calmness and persistence from killer. He keeps his collection and doesn’t give up even though the earthquake set him back but also doesn’t get mad because that happened.

   3.)    One question I would have is what would he want to do to his collection when he passes away?

   4.)    The vocabulary that would be important to know is the old time meanings for the records and what is used to play them. Like phonograph, which was a way to mechanically record and produce sound. And those took cylinder records which had groves on them and would be put into a phonograph. And a normal record which was a flattened disc with groves that would produce sound when put on the machine. 


  1. I think that his passion is very great for his records and he is very chill I agree with you on that I liked reading his profile because there are not many people who are that passionate about something in life.

  2. This man reminds me so much of one of my high school English teachers, Mr. Auvdel. He is a huge record fanatic and has a massive collection. Not so much as to make his house lean, but a pretty decent sized one. His movie collection is far bigger though haha.


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