Monday, November 16, 2015

Snapshot 5 Ali

Creativity and imagination are the two things that make everyone unique in their own special way. Everyone has dreams, goals, and values. Everyone has hopes of achieving the most ridiculous things; such as becoming a princess as a little girl, to becoming a superstar, to eventually becoming something like a doctor. People are very naïve when their younger, and accept reality with our new forms of dreams. Creativity and Imagination are important things to a person. Take those things away and they are simply nothing, just a boring person trying to fit in with the rest of society.

Natalie Young, 17 years old. A freshman at the Ohio State University was asked some questions about her own take on creativity and imagination. “What’s the greatest hindrance to creativity in our society?” she replied with “People are so focused on other people’s approval. They lose track of themselves and their own creative ability, based on what other people think.” Natalie was very passionate about this subject of people’s approval. She explained how she can’t understand why people’s opinions are so important to our society, and many individuals. Natalie does what ever she wants, and doesn't take into consideration how others might feel. She is a very confident and head strong person; and will do what she believes is right, not society's.

 Society is very judgmental and many try their best to “fit in”. But there is no way of “fitting in”. Within Pharrell William’s new song “Freedom” he states this, “They try to categorize us, they try to put us in a box. And we say no more…” Society is trying to change; celebrities are reaching out and saying, how it’s alright to be different. To not let society control you. People are dreamers, we want to achieve our wildest dreams, even if they seem a little naïve and “out there”.

Natalie Young and Ali Wright, enjoying Starbucks on an afternoon between classes at the Ohio State University