Monday, November 16, 2015

Patrick Lynch snapshot 5

Creativity and imagination are two very important things to have in life. They allow a person to see activities and life in a completely new way than if you were to just go about using the bare minimum of imagination. Daniel during the interview has showed that he has lots of creativity and imagination. Daniel uses creativity in his life in areas like family, friends, sports, and academics. When asked if he has ever reached a goal because he was creative his response was "Getting my Eagle Scout rank was a very monumental goal for me. The project I did to attain the rank was by building a historical monument for the Village of Milford Center". He continued to say that the design for the monument incorporated pictures from years before and information about the town. This shows that Daniel has lost of creativity and cares for his community. Daniel also shows creativity and imagination in basketball "I have enjoyed the game of basketball, even though I never played for a school team. I find it more enjoyable just playing for fun with friends". This shows that even though he didn't play for the team he is determined to continue because it is something he likes to do and since he plays mostly street basketball he can add his own creativity to it since there is no hindrance from a coach.   When asked were Daniel gets most of his creativity from his response was that he uses influences from pop culture and others to add and make his own creative ideas. Daniel also believes that time and work is the biggest hindrance in creativity today. He stated because people often don't take time to think about creative things because they are too busy and have no time. Daniel has show during the interview that his creativity is one of a kind and that nothing will stop him from continuing to be creative.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
This is a picture of Daniels early stages of his eagle Scout Project.

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