Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Journal 10 By: Gabbie Schilling

I think that I am beginning to slack off when it comes to my reading. When I do have time to read I feel like I am doing fairly well. My weakness would be to prioritize my time to sit down and read. My strength would be that when I do sit down and take my time I find that it is easier to stay motivated and keep going.

I looked more into Geneva Tisdale and Donald Bean because they both had dedication to their work. In Geneva's interview she talks about the hardship that she went through to stay at her job in the diner. She was faced with racism and discrimination. Geneva says "The kitchen was full of people at the time, and that was a lot of hard work"(52) Showing that she was a hard worker and didn't give up easily. Her interview was longer than Donald's and had  a little more details about the events that happened. Donald's interview compares to Geneva because both businesses weren't successful in the end. Both interviews show the hardship and dedication it took to try to be successful, but in the end it doesn't always work out. Beans wife had to come out of retirement to help him out with the business.

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