Friday, November 6, 2015

Snapshot 4-Carli Swisher

Carli Swisher

English 1109 M&W 10:30-12:30

Mike Lohre


Daddy’s Little Girl

          Poetry and Music are very important in life. They help people say what they are trying to say to others. They can inspire people to be more confident in themselves. I personally like music better because I most of the time don’t understand poetry and I can relate to music more than poetry. Music says a lot it can send a message, teach a lesson, and even entertain you with a story. Everyone can relate to music in their own way. I relate to music in all of those ways.

            The type of music I enjoy is country music. I relate to the messages they send and the emotion behind the songs. There are a lot of songs that I really enjoy and love to sing along with even though my voice is the sound of an animal dying. A song though that I have always liked is “Daddy’s Little Girl” By Tim McGraw. This song has a lot meaning to me. In the song it talks about a dad letting his little girl who is all grown up out into the world and even though she is all grown up he says she will always be his little girl. A line from the song says “ Chase your dreams but always know the road that’ll lead you home again, go on and take on this whole world but to me you know you’ll always be my little girl”. To me this song is exactly what my dad thinks of me. I have always been his little girl being the youngest and the only daughter. We are close and I don’t know what I would do without my dad. He is excited that I am engaged because he likes my fiancé but he just doesn’t want to let me go. I believer that I will always be his little girl no matter what happens in my life or where I go.

            Music is a great way to connect to people and bring them closer. Music can influence kids to have dreams and become something great. I really like music and without it I would be very bored. I think that music can be a great escape from the crazy world we live in.


Tim McGraw sings the song that I have really liked. It reminds me of my dad and me. I almost always cry when listening to it.


  1. I agree with you music can really tell a story or it can even bring back a memory. Daddy's Little Girl is a great song, I love Tim McGraw he is a very great artist. All of his songs sound like they have so much meaning and emotion behind his songs.

  2. I also love this song. My mom loves Tim McGraw, so she would always play his music. I agree with you when you said " They can inspire people to be more confident in themselves". I believe that every individual should take pride in themselves and not have to worry about everyone else judging them.

  3. "I relate to the messages they send and the emotion behind the songs." That is exactly how I am! I love hearing the emotion in there voice I feel like I can relate to them


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