Monday, November 30, 2015

Journal 11

The profile on Bill Seward, owner of the Jersey Lilly Bar and Cafe, was composed by three main points. The profile start outs with David Isay and Harvey Wang Arriving at the ghost town of Ingomar, Montana. Descriptive Writing is used to describe the desolate town and what happens in the town.
The Profile goes on to tell a short overview  of Bill Seward's life story in chronological order.
A total of Two photographs were used in this profile. The first is a picture of Bill Seward leaning out from behind a wall of his bar.

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  1. I liked Bill, and how he had so many life changing experiences. Like helping to raise and sell horses as he was growing up, to becoming a boxer in Chicago, to totally dropping his boxing dream to joining the service. Eventually he finally found his way. Back in his hometown taking care of his fathers bar, The Jersey Lilly Bar and Café.


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