Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Snapshot 5- Kyle Smith

Interview with Philip Matrix.

He has the ability to use imagination and creativity as his his daily solver for problems that arise. He is a very creative person and uses this through his passions that include building things with his hands and just trying to solve something like if a tractor gets stuck through his daily life on the farm. The things he likes to make with his hands include things like metal working, houses and restoring historical buildings. When working on solving a problem, if things don't work out, you need to go to a new creative idea. He constantly thinks this way and if something doesn't work out, he doesn't give up. Today society gives a hindrance on our creativity but this doesn't stop him. It makes him try harder. We are told as an individuals to be our selves this is done through mass media, music, books and even parents. People constantly are told that they are not good enough and that their idea is stupid and won't work. Sometimes it is hard to live with all this negativity. Some like this makes people conform to society. So many people are focused on tearing each other down rather than building each other up. A place where creativity is lost is through the school system and he related this back to the Hobart Shakespearians movie we watched in class on how he gave this unique experience to each of his students so the kids can feel like they are special and unique. This led to future success of these students. Some of the kids had high expectations of what they wanted to be in the future. This is a great message to teach kids and society. We should work on helping each other with our ideas rather than tearing each other down.

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