Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Journal 10 Natalie Young

I think my reading and active habits in Holding On is going pretty well. I find myself writing and highlighting in this book more than I had the last two books we read in class. One of my strengths that I have benefited from highlighting and writing in the sides is, retaining more of what I read. Another things would be I find myself doing more research about the topic by myself and asking more questions and expanding my thought more. One weakness about highlighting and writing more in the book would be how time consuming it is. It takes a lot of time and effort getting into the habit of active reading but I would say it is more worth it.
I found that Father Louis H Greving was a wise man that took over building the grottos from the Priest before. What i found interesting is that He mentioned that even when hes not doing it, he dreams of doing it. He spent so long devoted to something he loved. Another person I found very moving was Geneva Tisdale. She worked in a diner in North Carolina starting in 51 and spent her whole life working there even through pointless discrimination being there. A quote from the text showing the racism is  "A lot of people at the counter did not know who was preparing their food. All the white was sitting and enjoying the food and a lot of the time you would hear them saying... things". What I found similar with both of these profiles is that they both were determined and worked hard for what they wanted. What I found different is what they were working for.

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