Monday, November 30, 2015

journal 11-Carli Swisher

     The profile I have is Dan Barlow and he is a fundamentalist Mormon and Mayor. For my research on this profile I wanted to look up the Mormon religion and their beliefs because I felt it would give me a better  understanding on why they were discriminated against. What I found out was that they believe they are children of the lord and were sent to earth to live a mortal life. They also are followers of the Lord Jesus Christ and they live their lives to serve him and teach of his eternal plan of each of us. The last thing I learned about them is that some of them practice polygamy which is having more than one spouse. After reading this I connected it to todays world.
     In todays world their is a T.V show called sister wives which is about a Mormon family who practices polygamy. The father has 4 wives I believe and they all live in the same area. I think that the Dan Barlow profile can teach us to not be so judgmental towards the sister wives show because they have always been discriminated against. They are just practicing their religion just as everyone else is in the world even though we may not agree with it or practice the same things.
    One question I had about this profile was why the police and government were after the Mormons in the first place. It wasn't very clear to me why this was happening but I could tell from what Barlow was saying that he was very upset and still is to this day.
   Some observations I found about this profile were that you could really tell that the Mormon group was very concerned about what was going to happen to them and they all stuck together to fight through the situation. Another observation I had was that Barlow was very brave through the raid he along with others put their life on the line just to make sure they could worn the others in the town.
    While reading the profiles I also  liked the Evangeline Calvin profile. One thing I really noticed was her picture. when I first looked at it I thought was in the world is this going to be about and then after I read it I thought the picture was perfect. I think it really showed the amazing work she did and how truly confused she is. You tell by the look on her face that she was very confused throughout the interview and her son did a great job of helping with her story during the interview .


  1. I think that you did a good job with doing research outside of reading, and also the connection that you made was accurate. I also wonder why the cops and government was so against the religion.

  2. I liked how you brought outside research and made the connection of sister wives to Dan Barlow profile. One thing that was surprising to me about his profile was how long they lost their children. It was really sad to see how bad the stokes effected her in the interview.


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