Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Journal 10 mohammed

My active Reading in Holding On has gone pretty good so far. I’ve started highlighting more

than I did in the previous two books we read. It’s a lot of terms and things I don’t know so I can

actively search and write meaning in the margins of the book. I think a strength of the book is

that it’s a bunch of different profiles. With that you get a new interesting story to read about each

time. A weakness in my opinion is that there’s a lot of terms that I don’t always know and it’s

more of a nonfiction book which has never been my favorite. Overall I am enjoying this book it’s

a real attention grabber even though it is nonfiction.

The first profile i picked out was Donald Bean. Donald After going to another Dinosaur park decided to open his own up in Moscow, Texas. It cost him and his wife almost $100,000 to build. it took him almost 20 years to save up and plan for it. You can read more at The most compelling thing i found in this story id that even though after 20 years of planning and saving his business failed. Non one showed up and he thought it was going toi be a hit. Despite that he kept it open and continued on with his dream. Thats where most people would just give up, but hes surrounded by what he loves. "A lot of times in the evening or the mornings i saunter down through  here, and just go slow and look over them.". he really enjoys his park and takes pride in it.
the second profile is Mackey E. Brown. I like to think these guys kind of have a similar theme. they are both doing what they love to do. Mackey continues to do it even in his late 80s. Mackey actually succeeds in his buisness in taking anything and selling it door to door. "if you give me a good product, inexpensive, i can make my way around the world with it". He knew what he was doing and he was good at it. He sold over two million dollars in product.

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