Sunday, November 22, 2015

snapshot 5 natalie

Everybody values different things with their creativity and imagination in life. Our imagination and creativity when we are younger is what first shapes us into who we want to be and the life we want to live when we grow up and depending on how you are raised, you may have completely different values than another. Alissa (Ali) Wright, age 19, is a freshman at The Ohio State University studying Psychology and was asked numerous questions about her everyday life and how her personal creativity and imagination affects her. The first question asked was what are you most passionate about? Without any hesitation, Ali, quickly replied with cheerleading. Preforming has always been a huge part of Ali's life from singing in choir to cheerleading. The second question asked was where do you get your best creative ideas from? Ali replied with going to football games and watching/ observing cheers. By doing so she is able to look at other cheers and see what she could learn from them whether it be seeing what she can add to her cheers to make better or seeing what she should change. Lastly, Ali, was asked where does creativity come from, in your view? she said, by simply being yourself. I also find that to be true, because if you are too busy trying to be somebody you're not, you loose track of who you are and your creativity.
Here is a photo of Ali and I enjoying some Starbucks.

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