Monday, November 30, 2015

Journal 11: Gunnar Flavell not finished

The profile of Matt Kennedy really reminds me of why i am interested in historical things like Coney Island.  Matt explained how he was born in Coney Island in the early 1900's and how you could go there and buy a combination ticket with fifty rides on it for fifty cents.  FIFTY CENTS! That is absolutely amazing, and goes to show how the times are changing.  In the reading Kennedy goes to explain how hes been the director at the chamber of commerce since 1950 and loves dealing with any questions someone calls and has about Coney Island.  He said some people call about missing family members who lived there at the turn of the century, and others call about things like how warm the water is and Kennedy will tell them to hold on while he goes to check, when in reality hes just going to take a whiz.  The photo posted with the profile is very interesting to me, because it shows the price to ride the cyclone later on the the 1990's for 3 dollars compared to the original price to ride in the park.

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