Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Journal 10 Ali

The two profiles that I really enjoyed were; Geneva Tisdale and Tommie Bass. What I learned from Geneva is how equal rights is truly difficult to achieve. "And I feel sometimes if a white person had this job, that person would get paid more than me. Just  because the color of their skin" (Isay54). This quote really made an impact on me. Back in the day of course there was discrimination but it still exists today, people are still being judged. Not only on their skin color, but also things like their beliefs. It is normal for us to judge and rule out people who are different from everyone else, and Geneva believes that we will never reach the point of "equal rights". What I learned from Tommie Bass is that they're are still good people in this world. Tommie was determined to help people that are suffering from sicknesses with herbs. But the best thing about it is he never charged anyone for wanting his help, "Man, you mean to tell me that you think I'd charge you five dollars to get something to cure your little girl" (Isay65). That is the greatest gift you can give someone, another change at life.
A similarity between both Geneva and Tommy is they were both different. Geneva was discriminated for her skin color, and Tommy was being teased by doctors for being an herbiest. These two people were determined to make a change in this world. All Geneva wanted was to be treated just like everyone else, and all Tommy wanted to do was help sick people. The difference between these two people is, Geneva is losing her job because the restaurant can't meet the overcrowding of people coming in. Tommy barely has any business and doesn't make a dime. In the beginning of both stories it explains their professions and how they got where they are today.
A question that I researched was: What is the difference between herbalists and medical doctors?
-Medical doctors deal with illnesses and medicines while herbalists deal with plants and natural medicines grown from the earth.


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