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Journal 11 - Kyle Smith

In the picture used for the profile of Dr, Hepcat, was a book that by the look of it is about the language he used as a radio host called jive. It was a secret language, used mostly by African Americans that they would use, so the common person didn't know what they were speaking. It was their own hidden language and they would use it on the radio broadcasting. This is important because this was commonly used through the 40's and 50's by jazz musicians and radio shows. 
This is what he was holding on the picture for the profile.

Example of Jive:
     Swellelegant: wonderful, marvelous.
     Flip the grip: to shake hands.
     Homey: a person from one’s home town.

He was also a reverend later in his life after his 15 years in the radio business. He tied his reverend days with his days as a Baseball caster. " I can talk about the lord now just like baseball then" (pg 179) I thought this was interesting because the fact that he even put these two things in the same sentence. Its to show his passion is very great for everything he is done through his life.

In history it was first Colored rights and this mostly effected African Americans and then later down the road it was womens rights. A big thing that happened recently was gay marriage rights but some still are excluded from this. Its hard to live in a society where you are seen as a small person.

An Important theme is the fact he knew he was going to have a hard time as a colored person to make it in the real world. '' Course, you knew it was kind of tough-- to be black on a white mans radio'' This was extremely tough during this time period but he stuck with it and did make it and was very successful. At the end of this profile he says being one of the few to do this he inspired many people. "He says he keeps the door open for people to come along in to make progress into a changing time." also included on this page was. "You cannot stop progress" (pg 180) This is especially true when it is for the greater good and you should fight for what you deserve and don't give up on it.


Journal 11 by Christian Poncsak

Lydia Emery:

 Some observations I have made after reading the Lydia Emery profile was that the photo showed her with her doctor's bag and necessary equipment hanging around her that she needs in order to make a house call. She She had a smile on her face within her profile picture showing that even though she's at an age where she can retire she still pursues her career because of the great love she has for caring for people. I also noticed while reading her profile is that throughout the text there are people such as her brother and another female doctor in the Valley tell her what she should do and how to live her life. For instance her brother had suggested that she should become a nurse instead of a doctor. Another instance was with the female doctor up in the Valley. The female doctor had became upset for the fees that Lydia charged because it should that women don't deserve equal pay as men deserve. Lydia didn't care because she truly cherished the patient of hers well being. she wasn't in it for the money. Lastly, I noticed at the top of the page her profile was written in italics that introduced who she was in this world before she told her story. the italicized lettering was an introduction done by the author of holding on, Isay Wang.        

Some connections I had made with Lydia emery's profile had been to my own experience. For instance she didn't know that she wanted to become a doctor at first. She had taught in a one-room schoolhouse for many years after high school before she enrolled in Mennonite college taking pre-med courses.She didn't know exactly what she wanted to do right out of high school which I related to with today's society especially in America. So many people in the United States that come right out of high school don't know what they want to do and in college majors are switched around all the time. no one is set in stone with their life especially older adults that make three to four career changes within their lifetime. Life has a way of surprising oneself. Another connection I made to Lydia Emery was that she wanted to be a doctor to people who where seriously ill or had something wrong where as today many people go to medical school to become a doctor to make lots of money. she wasn't about getting rich. She charged her patients one dollar because she knew about economic hardships. 

A question I have from this profile for Lydia is what makes you overcome fear and what life moments have made you fearful?

A theme for Lydia emery's profile would have to be compassion. she shows absolute complete compassion for others and what she does with her career. She has taught me to do something you love with the soul purpose of the people in the world. Never do something for the money or do something that you love but do it for the people in the world.

Marion Walker: 

Some observations I had made for Marion Walker was that in her profile photo she looked very elderly as if she should be retired. She sat right next to a big type writer which to me shows that she is always willing to work and enjoys working. she doesn't plan to stop working anytime soon. Another observation I made about her profile was the length of her profile. She had such a short profile that her profile made me think the most of what her story was more of than what was written about her. Lastly, Marion Walker to me seems like she wants to be left alone out in the middle of nowhere. She said her general store was out in the middle of nowhere between the Texas-Mexico border. She is a women who takes life simple and has no fancy ways about her life. She seems like she is a calm person as well with the way she comments.

A connection I made to her and the world is that some people don't need fancy things in order to survive in life. They are completely content with what they have given to them. At the general store it talked about how there was a gas pump that hasn't worked in years and there were shelves partially stocked with produce. Most people these days who own a store would fix the gas pump and stock the shelves ASAP. She was okay with how things where at the store.

A question I did have that was the only question I had that kept repeating in my mind was why is her profile so short? What makes it special that it's the shortest one?

A theme I encountered with her story was a theme about hope floats. She is a hopeful minded person in the sense of not going with society norms but instead waits quietly to what her future may entail.  

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Journal 11 By Jami Riegel

                My first profile is on Mariano and Clara Lucca. They both are Curators of The Christopher Columbus and Queen Isabel Museum in Buffalo, New York. 
                The photo they used for this book looks very creepy. To me, at first glance it looks like the story is going to be about the paranormal. They should have had better lighting or maybe had one done on the deck also. They are both VERY passionate about Christopher Columbus and Queen Isabela but I think that Mariano is the one who likes to talk more than Clara when they are asked questions because he would with no hesitation have an answer right then and Clara would not have a chance to speak. The Smithsonian Institute actually wanted to buy a lot of their memorabilia. Even offered them $50,000 for the ship but Mariano turned it down. They have more in their Museum than the Smithsonian has in their collection. 
                When Mariano was asked about how Columbus is perceived today Mariano goes on and says that now they say "Columbus was a stinker." I says, " You have a constitutional right to say what you want, but I got a constitutional right to tell you when the hell your wrong!"
                We can connect Christopher Columbus today by knowing that even though we were taught in school he was the first person to come to America, we know today he was not.
                Some research I found is that Mariano he ran for congress in the 50's and 60's and then founded the National Columbus Day committee in 1966 and began lobbying congress to declare a holiday for Christopher Columbus. Two years later it passed and started in October 1971.

                My second profile is on Dugout Dick Zimmerman. The owner of The Dugout Ranch. He puts together these little rooms made from anything left over in the junk yard. He started out like a hermit wanting to be alone but soon after he made these little huts he found himself a tourist attraction. The photos are great I think. They capture the essence of who he is, a loner, creative, and sweet old man.
                 I would have loved to stay in them for a night but after his death in 2010 the city took control of the property and after taking his belongings out of them they filled each cave with dirt because they said it was unsafe. Makes me sad to think everything he worked on and lived in for years was all destroyed in a matter of days.