Sunday, November 8, 2015

Snap Shot 4 by Christian Poncsak

The meaning of music to me is something special because it allows me to express myself depending on the given moment I may be in. It's something that enchants my soul and allows me to feel a sense elf peace within myself to better equip what the world throws at me in a specific day. Without music to me there would be no life. Music is what makes the world go round. Having no music is like having no food. You need it to survive and get through the next event life throws at you.

The type of music that means the most to me is chill and Christian worship music because it's what gives me that boost to get on with life. It's what makes me feel sane to be able to cope with what I have to do. I feel enlightened as well as lifted up when I listen to chill and Christian worship music.

A specific Christian worship song that means a lot to me would have to be the worship song titled, "It Is Well" Kristene DiMarco from Bethel Music. The artist who sings this song named, Kristene DiMarco who is a singer-song writer. She is always featured in Christian conferences such as Jesus Culture, The call, and God TV. She's also a worship leader for Justice House of Prayer San Francisco. Her worship type music is revolved around intimacy and encounter. She was born, January 8, 1985 in Niagara Fall, NY. She has three albums by the names Mighty, Safe Place, and Those Who Dream.

The specific song that means a lot to me is her song, "It Is Well" because it releases all f these emotions that I keep bottled up at once. My family is a family that doesn't share their feelings and we don't cry so when I listen to this specific song I am instantly humbled, uplifted, anointed, and feel released. The chorus starts off by saying,

"Through it all, through it all
My eyes are on you."

 This keeps me reminded that through the good and the bad I know to keep mu eyes on God because it will He is heater than anything of this world and has overcome all of the world's hurt.

Kristene DiMarco is one of my most admirable Christian artists because of the the sound of her voice as well as the truth she speaks when she sings. I brings a side of me out that wouldn't me shown otherwise. I feel closer to my relationship with God whenever I listen to her music. 

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  1. I also agree that music helps me get through moments in my life. I would also agree that "having no music is like having no food" it allows me to get through the day and gives me a boost of energy just like food does.


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