Monday, November 30, 2015

Journal 11 By Daniel Van Dyke

The two profiles that i will be analyzing are Calvin and Preston. In the Calvin profile we met Ms. Calvin and her son and right away we notice she is having trouble remembering things. the reason for this is she had a few small strokes before Isasy did the interview. Because of these strokes her son did most of talking in the interview. This is important because it shows the reader  how the strokes have effected Ms. Calvin. The next observation in this profile is the picture. Ms. Calvin would paint the mannequin faces so they are life like. With her face not really showing much emotion its almost like shes one of the mannequins too. The last observation i made is in the Preston profile is the passion Mr. Preston has for the Lincoln Highway. He kept track of the different kinds of cars that went by which he recorded 2,720 different kinds. This is important because it gives the reader an insight on what type of person Preston is.

I made a connection with Preston profile todays world. In his profile he has a collection of anything that was ever associated to the Lincoln Highway. One of my moms friends has a collection of model cars but only models of NASCAR. His whole garage is full of them and they were neat to look at. Another connection is with the TV show American Pickers. The travels around the country to buy things from these types of put who have been holding on to stuff most of their life.

In the reading one question I had was is there still people today who paints life like faces by hand? I would think today all that artwork would be done by machines as with technology being mover advance since Ms. Calvin time. The research i did was about Mr Preston town he had his gas station. Belle Plaine, Iowa has about 2,500 people living there currently. The name Belle Plaine comes from the french meaning "beautiful plain". Today there are only about 10 business in the town.

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  1. I really like how you describe the picture and how Ms. Calvin didn't show emotion in it making it seem like she was a mannequin. That was the same thought that I got from the picture as well. I like the connections you made to American Pickers and your moms friend.


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