Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Snapshot 5 by Philip Mattix

 I interviewed Kyle Smith. Creativity has a big impact on his life, it means a lot to him and he uses his creative abilities all the time in various activities in his life.
Kyle's strongest aspect of creativity is his ability to visualize. Whenever he is working on a project he can use his imagination to visualize in his mind what he wants to make or accomplish. When using his imagination for architecture, he can visualize the design and function of the building.
Kyle is passionate about many things, but art is in the top of his list. He enjoys drawing, it really allows him to use  his creative talents.

Kyle Smith sketching 
 When interviewing Kyle we talked about what hinders people to be less creative. Kyle believes that the greatest hindrance to creativity in our society is that there is a pressure to conform to society. More emphasis is placed on being like everyone else and fitting in rather than being unique. Being unique lets a person be their own creative self's. 
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