Sunday, November 15, 2015

Snapshot 5 By Gabbie Schilling

By definition creativity is the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. Everyone is different in their own ways, everyone is creative in their own ways. Sydney was asked what her favorite color was, she replied neon colors because "I'm a very colorful person". Sydney likes a lot of different things. Sydney was asked what she was passionate about, she replied that she liked to help others, even with little things in life. Sydney helped tutor a young girl when she was a senior in high school. This shows that Sydney is using her creative ability to find new ways to help people in new ways. Sydney said that her best creative ability is writing stories because she tends to lose her train of thought so when she is writing she can always go back and add more. She said that "people not wanting to do something different" is the cause of lack of creativity in today's society. People in society are too afraid to stand out from the usual. People don't want to be judged so they go with the flow of others creativity. When people go off of others creativity is stops of flow of new creative ideas. Also people are too scared that their creative ideas will be shot down by society. If more people were care free of others thoughts then the world would be a much more creative place. Sydney said that getting outside and doing new things was the influence to her creativity. Being able to see new things as well as experience them sparks all kinds of creative thoughts for everyone.

In this picture Sydney got to experience the pure creativity of the buckeye man that goes above and beyond to show his team spirit. 

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  1. I think creativity Is very important and I think from what you wrote about Sydney that she has a lot of creativity and uses it to help herself as well as others


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