Monday, November 16, 2015

Snapshot 5-Sydney Alspach

Carli Swisher is creative in her own way that may be different from her other peers around her. While interviewing Carli, one of the questions that was asked is "Where do you get you best creative ideas from?" Carli said that she loves to look pinterst for ideas to create a project or just likes to use her imagination to think of something on her own. In everyday life people over use their imagination in unique ways, Carli said this "I like to try to do something different when it comes to thinking about teaching education." Carli is majoring in Early Childhood Education which will be a great test for her to use her imagination in everyday life. She also said that she likes to use imagination when it comes to writing a paper. She wants to write things differently than others would because she likes to express her creativity in her writing. What are you most passionate about? This question was asked to Carli and she answered "I am most passionate about my family! I love spending time with them, it is so important to me to have a great relationship with my family." Being able to express your creativity to your family makes it that much easier to express your creativity to people you don't know. 
Carli loves being around animals ever since she was a kid! Her family used to raise sheep growing up, and now they are starting to raise deer. 


  1. Everything you said about me is true haha I think you did a good job explaining what I think and how creative I am.

  2. I agree with the last comment. As long as you are able to express any kind of creativity in front of your family you then can try to express it in front of others.

  3. I agree with you that everyone has their own kind of creativity and how they express it. I also agree with you that people use their creativity everyday in their own unique ways.


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