Monday, November 16, 2015

Snapshot 5 By Daniel Van Dyke

Creativity comes in different shapes and forms and has a big impact in our daily lives. Some people use creativity in artist ways  and other in real life situations like problem solving. During my interview with Pat he showed that he is very passionate about golf and is even interested in pursing a career professional golf management. He is currently working on his golf skills and is trying to change his major. When i asked Pat about why he is so passionate about golf his response was, " Its a game that anyone can play but offers a challenge on how to improve your score". Pat also mentioned that after participating on the high school golf team it allowed him to experiences a different side of golf he never had before just playing by himself. He also gain new friends from this experience and ending up golfing more often. Another question I had for Pat was where he gets his best creative ideas from. Pat replies with, "Most of my creative ideas are influenced by the things i do like golf, watching movies and, from friends. These actives give me creative ideas because I can learn from them and most involve creativity". He also explained how in golf you may encounter challenging shots like hit the ball out from under the trees, Ill have to think creativity and imagine the shot I want to play which would be a low shot so it won't hit the limbs". One thing i found that Pat and I have in common about creativity is that when we are stress we lack in creativity. This is because whatever the situation we are stressed about make us block everything else out and not really want to think about anything until that issue is solved. For Pat creativity is very important to his life and his passion for golf. If he keeps up the good work for improving his game in golf he will be successful in the professional golf management field.

This is a picture of Pat on the Fairbanks High School golf team teeing off.

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