Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Journal 10 - Skyler Buschman

1. So far my active reading has been going very well. It is becoming a lot easier for me to read with a pen in my hand and just highlight anything I think was important. I used to get thrown off when stopping to highlight, but I've gotten a lot better.
2. Mackey Brown  and Donald Bean are the two profiles that I've chosen. In Donald's story, it stuck me as incredible that he had managed to build a park of his dreams even when all the hard work and dedication didn't really bring him much business, but it did bring his a part of his dreams. Compared to Mackey Brown, he is much further than he is at pursuing your dreams, Mackey had been a door to door salesman for seventy five years. Some may say that would be a horrible job, but Mackey saw a side to it that people normally would not see. "I never saw a person I didn't like. Ever." He holds on to the face to face interactions that he experienced on a daily basis and wanted to talk to people.
Mackeys story is short, sweet and to the point but uses great quotes to show how happy this man was doing what he did. Donald on the other hand, was shown to have difficulty pursuing his dreams and making them a reality, while trying not to burden anyone.

Mackeys job as a door to door salesman is considered a job that requires great interpersonal and communication skills and can teach you a lot about how you should interact with other people. In this article, it describes lessons that can be learned when becoming a door to door salesman, things such as patience, friendliness, and communication.
Donald on the other hand, didn't settle in the way that Mackey did. Donald went out of his way to make sure that a dream that didn't seem worth it to anyone else, was achieved by himself. Both are pretty incredible stories though.

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