Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Snapshot 5 Kyle Smith

Creativity and imagination helps define a person based upon what they've been through and what they are going through in the current moment of life. It let's a person release and become apart of something that allows them to wander in their minds without any judgment.

I interviewed Kyle Smith who showed many passions about a lot of things. Kyle had said that his best artistic ability would have to be being a visionary and seeing how things will all work out in the end. He said, "I do this with my drawings." He uses imagination to see how his day will work out like a puzzle. He has stated, "It has to fit in the right place like creating an image."

A goal Kyle said he reached by getting creative was a goal in his high school's engineering class. He was required to build battery cars that worked. He wanted to go above and beyond so he built a light weight car which turned out to be the fastest car in the classes history.

The best color to describe Kyle would have to be the color blue. He's an organizer and likes to keeps things tidy in his life. He said that peer pressure is the greatest hinderance to our society which happens a lot through school. When kid's get bullied they feel like they must conform to society and can't be unique. There should be more positive reinforcement like the Hobart Shakespearians.

Kyle is someone that is an encouragement to be different and doesn't let society tell him otherwise. He is someone who is willing to work hard to get what he wants and won't let an obstacle stop him.    

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