Monday, November 2, 2015

journal 10- Carli Swisher

For this book we are reading is very different. My active reading is going well even though its very hard to get into the book because every chapter is different and there is no real story line. I think the writing is very strong when it comes to pointing out what is important from each interview. But I think the book lacks a theme or similarity between the chapters. I think it would just make the book more interesting and relatable.

From the profiles I have read I really liked Tommie Bass and Donald Bean. I liked these two the best because I thought that they were both very different from the rest of the profiles we have read. In the Tommie Bass profile he is given the name Herb Boy from his village. He goes and gets herbs to give to people who are sick and it ends up saving their lives or making them better. An herb that saved a little girls kidneys is squaw vine. to find out what this vine is you can go to the link I have provided. This will tell you about the herb and the different uses for it. I really thought that his profile was very moving in how he would drop whatever he was doing so that he could go get herbs for people. This compares to the Donald Bean profile because he wanted the park to be open so that people could learn about the dinosaurs and he wanted them to enjoy it as well. Although they are similar in that aspect they are also different. In the Bean profile he was not very successful with his park he had very slow business for 12 years in the profile he states " My wife wasn't too for the idea right off the jump go, because we spent our life savings on it" . In the other profile he was always busy with getting herbs for people. His "business" was very up and going. Both profiles were interesting to me and I felt they both gave the book a little break from the hardcore facts.

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