Sunday, November 8, 2015

Snapshot 4 by Jami Riegel 

      Both poetry and music are important to people. Because they are able to tell people how that writer expresses themselves or even how they relate to people.
      To me music is very important. It lets me wind down for the day or if I'm having a bad day I can put music on and forget what was bothering me at that moment.
      I pretty much listen to anything except rap and heavy metal. If I can't sing along with it I don't like it. But my go to music is country. My favorite singers are Reba McEntire and Carrie Underwood.
      The song that I will always relate to and love is called "You're gonna be" by Reba McEntire. It's about a young girl afraid to tell her mom she is pregnant. But her mom just tells her (quote from song) " things work out like they should. Life has no guarentees but always loved by me your gonna be".
      The reason I relate to this song is because  I got pregnant at 16 while I was in high school and didn't know what to do. At first my mom wanted me to put the baby up for adoption but I realized I couldn't do that and after she knew I didn't want to she was there for me every step of the way. She was even in the delivery room with me.
      Music will always be apart of me and my families life. My whole family can sing well and when we get together there is always singing involved. Me, my brothers, sister and our children even did a flash mob for my moms whole family last year when we went camping. We plan on doing it again. I put a video on here because this song really shows what teen moms go through and thought maybe someone would like to listen to it.
video of the song You're gonna be by Reba McEntire

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  1. Music is a big part of my life also. I'm not really a big country fan, but I love to sing along to songs. I think it was very brave of you to keep your child, and that your mother was there for you. I also enjoyed how the song truly meant something to you, and that it reflected your own life. the lyric in the song "Life has no guarantees but always loved your gonna be by me." Is so emotional, and so important to life. live life to fullest, and always remember the people that helped you become the person you are today.


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