Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Journal 10 Philip Mattix

I would say that my active reading is going somewhat good in reading Holding On. The profiles of the different people are short and to the point. These interviews are quite informative but the stories of the people could be longer. Some of the profiles I have to research to understand more of what is going on in that place and time in history.
The first profile I chose to write about was the one about Tommie Bass. He was a herbalist who lives Centre Alabama. He would find herbs which he gave to people to cure any illnesses they had. In one instance there was a little girl who had colitis and was told by a doctor that she only had three days to live. Bass made a  tea from red shank to cure the little girl which cured her. Bass quoted '' We've been in the herb business ever since 1918,.... Never made a dime out of it, but we sure have seen people get better.''.(Holding On pg. 65). Tommie Bass was a kind person who wanted to help people. In reading his profile I am reminded that helping others is a good thing to do.
The second profile I chose to write about was the one on Donald Bean. He is the proprietor of the Dinosaur Gardens  in Moscow Texas. This roadside attraction has eleven life size fiberglass dinosaur in a woods. Not too many people showed up to see the dinosaurs and his business was slow. After Bean's death the dinosaurs were  moved to Granbury Texas. Here they serve as an attraction for the Dinosaur Trail Cabins and Cottages. . Although  Bean's  business wasn't as popular as he hoped people can still see and enjoy the dinosaurs as he did.The website for the bed and breakfast is

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