Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Research Journal Six: Sydney Alspach

For my research topic I chose to write about Fourah Bay College and education ideals. I chose this topic because I was very interested in learning what college is like in Africa. Fourah Bay College was first established in February of 1872  as an Anglican missionary school by the Church Missionary Society. Samuel Ajayi Crowther was the first student to enroll at Fourah Bay. Soon after the college was open, many people from all over Africa were seeking for a higher education, which leaded them to British West Africa to attend Fourah Bay. This college was the first western-style university in West Africa. The first black principle for college was and African American missionary named Reverend Edward Jones, who was actually from South Carolina in the United States.

There were two major outbreaks at the University. The first out break was in 1820 which caused the school to close and reopen every other year until 1827. This outbreak was a lack of support from the surrounding area's which caused an out break to occur. The second out break occurred in 1939-1945 and this war was in Europe. The war started because the British threatened to finally shut down the college and turn the campus into a naval base for the British navy.

Currently the college is very successful. It has a student enrollment range of 3,000- 3,999 students. The campus is an urban campus setting, and is a public college. Learning about this college was very interesting to me because I didn't understand all the things just one college had to go through in order for it to be around today. Its amazing how education means so much over in the US, but in Africa people have to fight for their right to get an education.


  1. I think you did a really good job researching and sharing information about the first college. I would have liked to have seen a picture though.

  2. You did a good job explaining what the college was like in Africa. I think it is crazy how different it is from college now in America.


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