Thursday, September 24, 2015

Blood Diamond review By Carli Swisher

This movie is very heart touching and makes me rethink my like for diamonds. It really is detailed in all the action it has in it to really show you how bad everything is. I would recommend this movie to anyone I think that everyone should watch this movie so that us as Americans can see how easy we really have it here. People were dying everyday so that we could have the chance to buy diamonds. Little boys were having to learn to fight and kill people so that the rebels could get diamonds and get out of Africa. Boys and men were taken from their families to fight in the war with the rebels against the African army. Some boys who were captured by the rebels would undergo serious pain. The rebels would cut off just one of theirs hands if they thought that the boys were not strong enough  to fight with them and to dig for diamonds. In the movie the main characters Danny and Soloman are both after one thing but need each other to get to it. Danny wants the diamond that Soloman found while digging for the rebels after he was captured. Soloman would like to find his family who is in a village that is guarded now because of all the rebels and war. He also wants to find his son who was taken by the rebels and trained to kill anyone in his path that wasn't a rebel. In the end Soloman gets his family and they leave Africa because Danny realizes that he was greedy and selfish and he ends up dying. The movie has two main lessons that stuck out to me. One being don't dis what you have till you know what others don't have. The second being greed never over powers happiness. The two lessons are very important in life and the movie really shows how and why. I really liked the movie and I think it is a great way to teach lessons to young adults about life.

After reading some reviews of the movie I learned that some people are heartless in everyway and they only care about how the movie was preformed and not the context of the movie. In one review the man states "To and extent, Blood Diamond is a victim of its own length." I think that this person is really not seeing the whole purpose of the movie which was the educate and inform you about that issue and how things really were when this took place. The  movie was not trying to get an award it was trying to portray and real story about real people.

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  1. I think you did a very nice job explaining the movie. I feel the same way about the reviews, critics don't care about the material being presented, but the performances. Although in the case of this movie I thought both the material and the performances were outstanding, and moving.

  2. The critics of this movie were heartless at times I thought! You are right, some people are so heartless and don't understand the real meaning behind the movie.


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