Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Journal Two Kyle Smith

Hello everyone! My Name is Kyle Smith and I plan on going to main campus next year to further my studies as an architecture student.  I Love to golf  and that being one of the reasons I work as part of the grounds crew at Raymond Memorial Golf Course. I've been doing this for the last three summers and enjoy every minute of being outdoors! With working here I have considered doing landscape architecture.

Golfing on the ninth hole at my golf course, Raymond Memorial.

This book is real interesting with how it started out in the center of the story. It is very descriptive making it come to life as if you are there experiencing it right beside them. The theme I am going with for the book, A Long Way Gone is community. In the United States, being a developed country with the advancement in technology and massive farmings and just taking care of our families we tend to take what relationships we should have with the people around us for granted. In the book they lost family members and friends who were there everything the people in the village who all would work together to help everyone out. Talking face to face with one another and helping each other is dissipating. Reading this book makes you realize the importance of people and the things they do for you. The saying " It takes a community to raise a child" Is very true. Parents do a big part and so do teachers. Neighbors will give their words of wisdom with their life experiences. I love to be connected with all the people around me. I could not imagine coming back and them being all gone.


  1. Hey man awesome to hear about your plans to go to main campus next year to study

    Architecture! Shows a lot of goals and initiative . Also find it really cool and

    interesting that you've thought about landscape architecture after working this job. I

    find it really cool that when people have prior experience doing something it shows

    them whether or not they would enjoy working in the field in the future. I also have to

    highly agree with you on the book, we are such self centered human being we don't

    stop and look around at anyone else and realize we are hurting them sometimes. I

    recently stayed in San Diego this past summer with a friend from the navy and while I

    was there in my spare time i drove for Uber. Mostly at late nights and busy times

    when I wasnt doing anything, I learned so much about the type of people in this world

    just from my short time there. A community is definitely needed and there needs to

    be more of a community in this world.

  2. I agree with your theme that community is very important because communities are pretty important in shaping how people think and act. I would also agree that people seem to talk less face to face which doesn't allow people to get the full content of a conversation.


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