Monday, September 28, 2015

Blood Diamond Review Skyler Buschman

Blood Diamond is a film featuring Leonardo Decaprio, that surrounds and shows the hidden horrors and realness to child soldiers and the exploitation of an entire countries population for the production and distributions of diamonds throughout the world. The film follows Archer and Soloman, through a joint relationship to a priceless diamond buried somewhere in the forest of Sierra Leone, with Soloman, it's keeper, in a journey to retrieve it. Along the way they encounter RUF and government forces that bring them near death on several occasions, they witness the death of hundreds in gunfights and raids on villages and they have to see children that are being recruited and trained to kill, fight and die at the hands of their own people. Innocent civilians are murdered and pushed away from their homes and seek saftey. But luckily, Maddy Bowen, the journalist was able to release evidence of a multi billion dollar corporations involvement in fueling the conflict, as well as benefiting billions on it's behalf. The Kimberley Process was drafted later by the UN and other assisting countries. This helped stop the spread on blood diamonds throughout the world to stem the violence in the country.
The film does an excellent job of showing the violence, chaos and disorder that ravages the country and the effects that it has on the children that are brainwashed into becoming cold blooded killers through propaganda, and the rest of the worlds ignorance of the situation.
It also does great in describing the reason why this country is plagued with violence is the two billion dollar a year industry, diamonds. The average consumer doesn't think twice about where their diamonds come from, but they also don't realize that they are funding the destruction of a country and it's people and the film really gets that awareness across.
Overall, I thought the movie was fantastic. How it brings light to hidden horrors in our world is something everyone should experience so we cease follow in violent footsteps. I would highly recommend this movie.
People are forced to mine for diamonds under threat of death.


  1. I would recommend this movie also it portrays perfectly how evil our human race can truly b especially to one another.

  2. I can see why you like the movie and would recommend it. It sad to see a place that is war torn. This is in a way a political movie because the children are still doing this in theses under developed countries and its sad to see places being torn apart like this. The children are doing horrible things. In the movie seeing there reaction to killing was horrible.

  3. you did a great job reviewing the movie! i liked how well you described the movie


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