Monday, September 14, 2015

Journal 4 mohammed

     I enjoy the active reading because i can read understand what i'm reading rather than just going through and forgetting what i have read right after. Finding specific details that i want is going well i underline and remember the parts with the most detail. I marked "but what i remember the most is this tree, huge, with fat arms and mighty family of squirrels in the higher branches". i thought this had a bunch of detail and feeling put into it.
     I prefer A Long Way Gone, because it is very interesting. he puts so much detail into his writing that you can basically picture the events that happen. that keeps me interested and wanting to keep reading more and understanding more. Family and friendship is the biggest theme in the book i feel. hes always talking about his friends and how he misses his family and wonders how they are doing. most of the book so far he has traveled and shared those experiences with family and friends.


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  2. I also agree that A long Way Gone is more interesting to me because of how descriptive all the events and scenes are.

  3. In the book A Long Way Gone the amount of detail Beah puts in his writing makes the book enjoyable to read. Which is why i also prefer this book. I think with out his friends Beah wouldn't be able to survive.


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