Monday, September 14, 2015

Journal Four from Jami

                                      Journal 4: By Jami Riegel
        I struggle with trying to find the time to read while I am home and reading two books at the same time I sometimes forget that I need to read both of them.  My life is very busy so I need to find a way to manage life,work and school now.  I have found though that if I listen to the author read it aloud on my phone either at work or at home while my kids are not there its easier for me to remember it and get it done.
    In the book  The House on Mango Street I marked a paragraph in the chapter called Alicia Who Sees Mice. The first page where she talks about Alicia's mom who died and could not make her lunches and inherited a rolling pin stood out to me because my mom past away right after I graduated high school but in the 6 years she was sick she was not able to make the meals.

     I prefer to read a long way gone. I like reading about true stories and it gives so much detail I can visualize what's going on. A theme that is important I think is how Beah is having to run from town to town to stay safe and be able to eat and sleep. He can never stay in one place for long because of the rebels.

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  1. I'm sorry about what happened to your mom. It takes a lot to be a mom and go to school. My mom was in the same situation while working multiple jobs and being a single parent when I was younger. I believe you'll be able to succeed, just don't give up and if you get overwhelmed there's nothing wrong with taking a breather. If you need help with any of the things we do in this class I will try to help you if you ask me.
    I also prefer to read A Long Way Gone. Its a good book.


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