Monday, September 14, 2015

Journal four Carli

My active reading is alright I guess. I have never had to do active reading before so it is all very new. I struggle with getting so into the book that I forget to mark things. I do pretty well with underlining what I think are important sentences.  I also try to make a note about what each paragraph is about. something that I marked for today was " Marin, under the streetlight, dancing by herself, is singing the same song somewhere. I know. Is waiting for a car to stop, a star to fall,someone to change her life." I underlined this because i thought it showed that she had been through a lot and Esperanza clearly cares about what Marin is thinking and what is going on in her life.

I prefer The House on Mango Street more then the other book because I think it shows some real detail and personal emotion in every chapter you read. A theme I like from the book would be happiness. I feel that even though they don't live in their dream house they can still be happy with what they have. Esperanza is finding friends and still having fun even though they don't have what they want. I think that most people who get everything they want still aren't happy because they have nothing to look forward to. She knows that maybe one day they will live in the house of their dreams but she also knows that maybe they won't and she is okay with that.


  1. It is also hard for me to get in the habit of actively reading. Sometimes I just get so into the reading that I don't take to time to underline or write little side-notes. I also prefer the book "The House on Mango Street" because it has an interesting writing style, and it has a more positive theme than "A Long Way Gone".

  2. I agree with what you said, i hate reading just as much as you do.


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