Sunday, September 27, 2015

blood diamond review natalie young

The movie the Blood Diamond is about the civil war in, Sierra Leone,  in the 1990’s and two men’s journey through hazardous rebel territory to reach the diamond and solve their problems. The dialogue was very critical in the movie by truly portraying everything about the character, the thoughts, feeling and so on.  The movie Blood Diamond and the book A Long Way Gone are very similar. They both have the main conflict being that there is a civil war in, Sierra Leone,  they are both separated from their family, they have one old man forgotten about in a village where they seek advice from.  They also both have a common theme, hope.  Without having it they wouldn’t have the motivation of finding their families and surviving the civil war. They have to have hope that there is going to be a light at the end of the dark and they have to have hope that they can survive the war and be reunited with their families once again. I would highly recommend this movie to anybody that has knowledge of the war, or wanting to get a better visual as to what it was about. I would also recommend it for the incredible graphics and dialogue. After reading a few reviews I have found that people either really like the movie or they do not. One of the reviews said that “Most of us take the nice, soft life we live for granted. We rarely stop to think about what it’s like in other parts of the world.” I would have to agree with this quote. Sometimes we do take it for granted. We never know what we have until it is gone. 
here is a photo of his son. it shows just how brain washed the boy soldiers were


  1. I used that quote too! and I totally agree with you we take everything we are blessed with for granted and we don't even bother helping the people starving down the street

  2. I found that people either liked the movie or they felt it was terrible. I liked the movie and it was very detailed.


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