Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Research Journal 6 Philip Mattix

    The traditional definition of a mercenary is an individual who works as a solider for financial gain in a conflict or country other than their own. A PMC or private military company is structured like a corporation where as a mercenary group is not. PMCs offer many services such as providing logistics services, advising, training, operational support and security among others.
   In 1995 the RUF came within 20 miles of Sierra Leones capital, Freetown. President Ahmed Kabbah hired Executive outcomes,EO ,to aid in his efforts of defeating the RUF. Executive outcomes contract was for 200 mercenaries to train government soldiers, provide logistical and combat support for 1.8 million a month. During the battle of Freetown, EO along with government troops defeat the RUF forces. Executive outcomes went on further to defeat the Rebel movement and maintained peace during the 1996 and 1997 elections. EO went on to form new units, the Kamajors, rather than using unreliable government troops. The Kamajors were mostly Mende local hunters who had experience fighting the RUF. EO trained them in Guerrilla tactics and how to fight along and with other units. With international pressure and the withdraw of the International monetary due to the mercenaries presence, Executive outcomes left Sierra Leone in 1997 only receiving 15.7 million of the 35.3 million that was contracted. President Ahmed Kabbah was ousted less than three months later after EO’s departure. Sandline International was hired to complete what EO started. They restored Kabbah into power but later withdrew as the rebels had signed a peace agreement.

Members of Executive Outcomes in Sierra Leone 1995

 Africa has a long history about the use of mercenaries.In the 13th century Pharaoh Ramesses II used 11,000 in his battles. In the 19th and 20th century the use of mercenaries was involved in conflicts and ending civil wars. Even today the use of pmcs is quite common. Large corporations such as Chevron will hire security companies to protect natural resources and energy assets.


  1. I didn't realize there was different kinds of mercenary like the PMC. You did a very good job giving us details about these mercenary groups and how the effected Sierra Leone.

  2. You did very well explaining the mercenaries and the PMC to us you gave tons of detail to help me better understand


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