Sunday, September 27, 2015

Blood Diamond Review by Gabbie S

The main theme in "Blood Diamond" is to never give up. I would recommend this movie to anyone because it is very eye opening to not only Africa, but to insight of what other countries are like. Although they aren't all like Africa, it shows that not every country is like America. The dialogue in this movie was cynical in parts and very heart warming in other parts. An example of the cynical dialogue would be when Danny is being sarcastic with Maddy. People in Africa weren't very trusting in nature, so they tended to have more of a dark sense of humor. "Blood Diamond" was basically a visualization of the book "A Long Way Gone" I found it very helpful to see the actions rather than just read them, I feel as if watching the movie will help me visualize the book better as I read. The most meaningful action in the movie to me was at the ending when Danny gave Solomon his diamond back, and made sure that his family was taken care of. This was a great act of sincerity from Danny because it showed that even though he was very cynical throughout the movie, he really did have a good heart and wasn't going to just leave Solomon to defend for himself in Africa.

In this picture it shows Danny and Solomon walking away to find the diamond alone, this to me shows the trust building between the two.

Empire Magazine rated the movie with four stars, saying that it is a violent movie. The magazine also state that the performances were great along with "proactive ideas and gripping action scene"s. I have learned from these reviews that even when it comes to reviewing movie, countries are different. The UK seemed to like the movie where as The New York Times says the movie was a "foolish thriller". 

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  1. I agree with you, this film was also very eye opening for me as well. I was amazed by how many kids would kill people.


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