Monday, September 14, 2015

Journal 4 from Philip Mattix

Journal 4

  I would say that my active reading is going somewhat good. While activity taking notes and highlighting in the books  it makes me interact more with the material in the books. The active reading has a positive effect in that it causes me to stop and think about the material rather than engaging into a state of mindless skim reading. I would say that i struggle with marking too many or not enough events. I find it difficult to find balancing medium between the two.  In the house on mango street i marked the last paragraph on page 25.'' the nose of the Cadillac was all pleated like an alligators,''. This is a very creative way of  describing a wrecked car. It stood out to me.
        A Long Way Gone is by far my favorite of the two books. this book reads faster and it is also easier to understand. The House On Mango Street is written in a different style. This style reads in such a way that it makes it more difficult to follow. A theme that i believe is important is the theme of friendship. Aristotle once said ''In poverty and other misfortunes of life, true friends are a sure refuge''. Ishmael and his friends depend on each other for company and survival. 


  1. I agree with you on the active reading part. It defiantly makes you think more about what you're reading and helps you remember more about the chapter. I also agree with you about A Long Way Gone. Way better book.

  2. In my active reading I've noticed the same thing and how it provides a positive impact. I also have the same problem of marking too many things or missing the important event that should be marked. I like the quote you used from the book it shows us how the car looked when it was in the crash.


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