Monday, September 14, 2015

Journal 4: Reading Response by Christian Poncsak

My active reading is going very well so far in the way of keeping a good memory of the important events that are taking place within the story so far. The biggest part I struggle with when I'm actively reading is trying to annotate what is the most important part to the story and not feel like I have to annotate on every little quote, feeling, character, etc., that I think would be remotely important to the big picture of the story. One of the biggest things that's going well for me when I'm reading is being able to identify the direct and indirect metaphors along with identifying the new characters coming in throughout the story.

A sentence I had marked in the book, The House on Mango Street that I thought was an important part of the story was on page 28 of the book. It was in the chapter titled, "Those Who Don't." What I marked was, "Those who don't know any better come into our neighborhood scared. they think we're dangerous." This first sentence was a hook for me because it showed how people's own ignorance and prejudice towards a community that they are foreign from that may not be how they would live their lives can be painted to an unfair advantage. To me this sentence shows that humans are humans and make mistakes by judging others and how they live their life when we could be just as guilty as they are in their life's path.

The book that I prefer the most at the moment is, A Long Way Gone because it's concise and easy to follow along with a lot of twisted plot points. There is vivid description that really paints the image of the events that they are going through throughout the story. A theme that is clear to me in this reading passage is the theme of family. You don't know how blessed you are until you loose your family. I'm very close with my extended and immediate family and the thought of never seeing them again is traumatizing. you always have to appreciate the moments that are given to you with your family because you never know when you'll see them next time.    



  1. I like the way you label your notes in you book. Your habit of making tabs and good notes is a very useful one to have and a good thing to develop! I wish I could understand of one learns to do that.

  2. I also like A Long Way Gone for the same reasons as well. The theme of family is also my theme that I picked. It seems to be one of the main themes of the book.


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