Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Journal Six Research By Daniel Van Dyke

The topic I had was the food culture in Sierra Leone. Comparing their food culture to ours its very different. We see a snack as a bag of potato chips or cookies but to the people of Sierra Leone a snack is fruits and vegetables. The most common foods in their culture are rice, cassava equivalent to a potato, and okra. Almost every meal they eat has rice with it. During my research I found that they believe if they haven't eaten rice today, then they haven't eaten. They will prepare different types of stews that goes on top of their rice some containing hot peppers, seafood, chicken, and other vegetables. One of the stews i found old was groundnut stew. The stew contains vegetables and some meat but they add peanut butter into the mixture. Just by looks it doesn't look to good but it probably taste better than it looks.
Groundnut stew served with a fish head as the meat in the stew.
When its time to make the meal the women and the girls prepare the food. Meals are usually served from one big dish that everyone shares from. The men and the boys start to eat first then the women and the girls eat. Most of the time they eat with hands rolling up the rice and dipping it into the stew. Their way of eating and the types of food  the eat are different but that's to be expected since they have a different culture. They would look at us and think its weird what we are eating too.


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  1. Your research was really good. I find it strange that they rarely eat meat and instead eat fruits and rice a lot more.


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