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Geography and Physical features of Sierra Leone-Kyle Smith

The Countries surrounding it are Guinea which is to the north and Liberia which is to the south east. Sierra Leone is 29,995 square miles. Including the population of 4.5 million people. The country is right on the water, on the Atlantic ocean giving it an easy way to receive weapons and supplies from outside sources by boat/ship.The coast line is 300 miles long. The Freetown commercial area is 24 miles long and 10 miles in width.
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The country has four distinct levels of elevation. In the lower picture you can see this from left to right. It starts with the Freetown peninsula, Coastal Plain, Interior/ lowlands then last but not least Interior plateau. The elevation goes anywhere between 0 to 1000 m (0 ft - 3000 ft). Very little is above 1800 ft above sea level. They have nine major rivers. There are a few mountains that are above 3000 ft. The tallest mountains are 1945 m (6381 ft.)

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  1. I really liked the pictures that you put on this it really helped with visualizing Sierra Leone and how truly different it is from us.


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