Monday, September 28, 2015

Blood Diamond Review by Christian Poncsak

The major motion picture film called, Blood Diamond leaves a detailed depiction of how humanity verses wealth can divide families and create a terror over a community leaving many with identity losses. It's devastating to see how individuals within a community can have a normal day but then within seconds be either killed by enemies or develop fear every second of every day.

When you sit and analyze this film you almost want to stand up and try to jump into the screen to help the villagers against the rebels. The main character named, Danny Archer who is played by the actor Leonardo DiCaprio made himself a huge target in the conflict of digging for diamonds. The story takes place in a town named, Sierra Leone where a man named Solomon played by actor Djimon Hounsou lives with his family. Solomon and Danny don't hit it off in the beginning but soon instill each other's trust within each other knowing that they can use one another to get what they want from the pink diamond Solomon found while being held captive by the rebels. Solomon wanted his wife and three children back while Danny wanted to have his way paid permanently out of Africa.

Danny while being tan and having slick back hair with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth met a women by the name of Maddy Bowen played by Jennifer Connelly who was in Sierra Leone to cover the treacherous activities of the diamond digging and the rebel attacks. Maddy was a journalist that didn't give up until she received what she was looking for and she knew she saw what she was looking for when her path met with Danny at a bar. He was the diamond smuggler in Sierra Leone not interested in anyone's story but his own. He was on the evil side in the beginning during the year of 1999 while trying to accomplishing crossing into Sierra Leone. He had diamonds tucked into a few goats which he was busted for by the patrol landing himself in jail.

Solomon eventually reunited with his family again while Danny was wounded unexpectedly leaving him to die in Africa. Maddy and Danny fell in love with one another but that love didn't mature due to the mission Danny was on to find the pink diamond. The film is full of terror but love that is found within hard time in a country. Love that can be so inspiring to want to be apart of that it makes you realize the petty things i n life when you and your loved one are in a battle of life or death due to valuable material possessions like diamonds.  

This photo shows Danny and solomon running away from a rebel attack on a city just minute after both of them decided to work together to each get what they want in the end when they find that diamond. 

Other reviews wanted to look at the story from a closer angle to see the flaws. For instance Variety said, "Africa’s enduring sorrow is ripe for drama, but “Blood Diamond” is, finally, a fitting metaphor for the gems: Potentially brilliant from a distance, but upon closer inspection, one likely will see the flaws." This to me shows that individuals no matter what will always want to look at films a negative way if it involves killing of human lives for selfish and material reasons. When a film like this one is created portraying real life vents it's no doubt that individuals will want to look at a film from a negative perspective. 


  1. Its strange how must reviews on this movie look for flaws instead of the positives.

  2. Its strange how must reviews on this movie look for flaws instead of the positives.


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