Saturday, September 26, 2015

Journal 5 by Patrick Lynch

Blood Diamond was a very good movie. The movie captures the reality of the illegal diamond trade in Africa and shows the hardships that come from it. The scenes in the movie were extremely well done. There is lots of action and scenes that show emotion very well.

The movie shows that family and life is more important than diamonds or money. In the movie Solomon knows this value because he went through all the troubles to find his family. He also went to look for his son first instead of helping Danny find the diamond. Blood Diamond also shows that all the illegal diamond trade going one was causing people to die and the people buying the diamonds didn't care about the people dying all they cared about was getting the perfect diamond. The same for the people selling the diamonds. they didn't care how many lives were lost they only cared about the money they got from selling them.

The most meaningful character and plot point I thought was how Danny changed through out the movie. In the beginning Danny was a diamond seller and only cared about the money. This made him no better than the rebels and the diamond buyers. As the movie progressed Danny started to see how the diamonds were destroying the country and killing innocent people. People like Solomon and Maddy started to show Danny the reality of the diamonds and the pain they cause. By the end of the movie Danny changes into a caring person and gives the diamond to Solomon. He also stopped the government soldiers from catching up to Solomon but it cost his life.
blood diamond shows the reality behind the illegal trade of diamonds

Most of the reviews I looked at were positive but they talked about the gory and how other movies that came out the same year were better. They didn't really show the meanings or values of the movie. one quote I found was the top review and it really shows the value of the movie "Most of us take the nice, soft life we live for granted. We rarely stop to think about what it’s like in other parts of the world."

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  1. i also thought danny archer was the most meaningful character as well he brought lots of emotion and feel to the movie


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