Sunday, September 27, 2015

Journal 5 Mohammed

 Blood Diamond is set in Sierra Leone 1999 in the middle of the Sierra Leone civil war. In the beginning of the movie Solomon Vandy, a local fisherman,who is captured by the RUF rebels trying to let his family escape during an attack on their village finds a big diamond refereed to as a "pink" and teams up with Danny Archer, a diamond smuggler and ex mercenary, to get the diamond and  Solomon's  family out of Africa and the war.
     The movie really portrays the devastating effects on Africa and the people of Africa throughout the war. there are a bunch of diffrent scenes in the movie where the RUF rebels attack villages and slaughter the people there. Taking limbs, killing, or taking them for their army.
     During the movie Danny Archer Explains to Maddie a journalist how to diamonds are  illegally exported out of Sierra Leone to merchants in other countries and these resources are used to finance the war such as guns and drugs. It shows Dia which is Solomans son being taken by the RUF and brainwashed and tricked into killing and doing drugs. In the book A Long Way Gone Ishmael Beah goes into great detail this which relates really well to the movie.
     The most meaningful character in the movie in my opinion is Danny Archer. They start the movie off as showing him as a greedy rude diamond smuggler who who cares only about his money. Throughout the movie after meeting Soloman and Maddie he progresses into a more kind person. Everything becomes more than just about the money. He eventually falls for Maddie and leaves himself behind and gives the Diamond to Soloman so that he could find his family and live a better life.
Three main characters in Blood Diamond

    In the reviews most gave a good rating about the movie with some filming issues stated. James 
Berardinelli says "Pacing issues aside, this is a well constructed movie ". Most of the reviews focused on the workman ship of the movie rather than the actual message, which is understandable cause they are there to rate the movie. But if more people took account the message behind the movie i think it would get a lot better reviews.

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