Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Research Journal Six: Natalie Young

The diamonds have been affecting Africa since the late 1800’s but never in Sierra Leone until 1935. There are three major diamond producing areas in, Sierra Leone, one of which being. Kono. The diamonds there have been the fuel for taking a toll on the environment, fighting, as well as a civil war. The Diamonds caused a chaotic and terrifying civil war in, Sierra Leone, forcing men and young boys into being soldiers. Invading villages and killing the people that came with it for the food and ammunition. The boys were often brainwashed into thinking everything was “okay”  with guns, propaganda, and drugs. As a result of the civil war the population decreased by almost 50 percent  going from around 600,000 people to just above 300,000 people. The reckless mining in Kono District has also ended in the locals and wildlife having to relocate due to total environment collapsing, earth erosion, and damage the once rich farming soil.
Here is a photo of people from Sierra Leone Mining for the "blood diamonds"

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