Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Journal Six: research journal by Patrick Lynch

My research topic is on Freetown the capital of Sierra Leone. Freetown first started as Granville when the first group of free slaves from London settled there. The first group was sent there to find new land for all the freed slaves in London. shortly after arriving Granville was then destroyed by indigenous people. When the second group of Africans came they rebuilt the city and called it Freetown. During this time Freetown and the rest of Sierra Leone was under British control but switched to an independent country after they declared independence in 1961. Freetown would then become the capitol of Sierra Leone and the center of trade in the country.

During the political changes that took place from 1991 to 1999 the city of Freetown has switched from being under Government control to RUF control. The RUF had contol of Freetown through past politics and presidents. In 1998 the Government came back in to secure the city. They were successful in capturing it back. In 1999 the RUF tried to take it back but were driven back. After years of Fighting the city would have peace again when the UN stepped in to help with peace and cease fire agreements between the Government and RUF.

Freetown is the capital city of Sierra Leone and was founded by 400 freed Nova Scota slaves.

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