Monday, September 14, 2015

Journal 4 Daniel Van Dyke

In my active reading for the two books I'm starting to get the hang of it and it feels natural to write in the books. When I mark things in the book I'm able to retain the information and can visualize the scene what is going on in the reading. Sometimes I have the issue of  a detail mentioned in the book should be marked or not. Most of the time if I'm unsure I go ahead and mark it. When im reading I write in the margins what is going on with the characters or what place they are at and other interesting details. the one thing i marked in The House on Mango Street was "All brown all around, we are safe" on page 28. I marked this because it shows that she feels safer with her group of ethnicity.

The book I prefer right now is A Long Way Gone. In this book I have an easier time to visualize what going on and what the characters are trying to say. I can't imagine running across the country for freedom at the age of 12 and its really sad that so many people were effected. The themes are easier to pick up in ALWG. For example one themes what stands out the most is the importants of survival and having your friends and family. These boys are relying on each other for survival without each other they wouldn't have be able to make it as far as they have. The boys would tell stories and make each other laugh during these hard times which is really important. Ishmael misses his family a lot and when he finds out that they are possibly in the next village that all he can think about. My family means a lot to me and if we were separated and I found out where they are at. I would do whatever I could to be reunited with them.


  1. I admired how the boys would make each other laugh during the hard times because without laughter in life there's nothing to keep you going on day to day. That's a good idea to mark parts of your book even if you don't know if it's important just to be safe. I do that too at times but then I catch myself almost marking the whole entire book.

  2. I also find it hard to know what is important to mark as some of the passages don't add new details sometimes and I also prefer ALWG


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