Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Journal 9: Sydney Alspach

Watching the film The Hobart Shakespearians it really made me think about how I want to better kids education and make them feel excited to go to school everyday when I become a teacher. In the movie Rafe shows the students what is the importance in school and in life.  Rafe's main message to the students was "be nice and work hard", I truly believe that is what teachers all over should tell their students. Teaching kids at a young age how important work ethic is now will help them for the rest of their life. This film also made me feel proud of those students who over came all of their struggles in life with their family, having violence and drug problems and didn't let that stand in the way to better themselves as students.

When I was in elementary I had a great experience learning, although I will say I never had a class like Rafe's! When I was in the fourth grade we all took a class field trip to a college campus, which was a trip the school took every year but to a different campus each year. Also when I was in the sixth grade we took a class trip to Mochian and stayed there for a week. Watching that film reminded me how excited I was for those trips back then, and really showed me what to look forward to in life.

I learned that having the kids set a goal in the beginning of the school year really helped motivate the students to be want to reach their goal by the end of the year. Having a higher expectation for yourself and as well as those students provides a stronger work ethic in the long run.

My goal for the rest of this year and semester is to be more determined and motivated. I tend to slack of at times because I think I can just breeze by and I'm starting to realize that will only make me worse as a person and student than better.

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  1. I also had a great elementary experience. I loved my teachers, although none were quite like Mr. Rafe. I too looked forward to going on schools trips as a kid, I wish we would have gone on more.


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